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SharePoint Server 2007 21
Course Contents

SharePoint Server 2007



This article introduces Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and describes how you can use it to gain better control over your content, streamline your business processes, and share information with others in your organization. The availability of the features described in this article depends on how the Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment is customized in your organization. For example, whether you can create sites and subsites depends on how your organization set up its sites and the permissions to create them.

Course Description

This exclusive global knowledge sharepoint training course focuses on how to tailor sharepoint 2007 implementations using the .net framework - including intensive hands-on labs that go beyond feature description. In this survey course, you will explore the development opportunities with Microsoft’s most recent release of sharepoint products and technologies. during the first half of the course, you’ll focus on windows sharepoint services 3.0 (wss) where you will learn how to develop fundamental wss building blocks, such as features, application pages, site pages, web parts, custom list types, site columns, content types, and custom workflow programs. In the second half of the course, you’ll focus on Microsoft office sharepoint server 2007 (moss). you will learn how to assemble and configure business solutions by using and extending the portal and web content management features of moss, and you’ll investigate other server-side services, such as the business data catalog, forms services, excel services, and report center.

Topics covered in the class room

Day 1              Introduction to SharePoint

*         Why SharePoint?

*         About course, you and faculty

*         Course outline & details

Day 2              Introduction to SharePoint

*         Building blocks

*         Windows SharePoint Service v3

*         Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

*         SharePoint yesterday, today and tomorrow

Day 3              Installing SharePoint v3 Servers

*         Getting ready for installation

*         The Microsoft SharePoint v3 Farm

*         SharePoint Performance

*         Installation Hands on

Day 4              Application Management

*         The SharePoint Central Administration v3

*         SharePoint by ASP.NET (Terminologies)

*         Creating & Extending new Web Application

*         The first Site Collection

*         Shared Services in MOSS

Day 5              SharePoint Site Collection and Sites

*         Site collection defined

*         Creating Sites and Sub sites

*         WebParts

*         WebPart Pages

*         Managed Paths

Day 6              SharePoint Site Collection and Sites

*         Site Templates

*         Security and Permission strategies

Day 7              SharePoint List

*         Custom List

*         Document Libraries

*         Calendar

*         Event Subscription with Libraries

Day 8              Document Libraries

*         Custom Library

*         Document Libraries

*         Calendar

*         Event Subscription with Libraries

Day 9              Site Customization using MS Office SharePoint designer 2007

*         Master Pages

*         Custom List Views

*         Page Design and SP Controls

Day 10            Programming SharePoint v3

*         Development aspects in SharePoint v3

*         SharePoint v3 Object Model

*         Introduction to CAML

*        Writing C#.NET application to Populate a List

Day 11            WebPart

*        WebPart & WebPart Zones

*        Creating WebParts

*        WebPart connections

Day 12            WebPart

*       WebPart & WebPart Zones

*       Creating WebParts

*       WebPart connections

Day 13            Advanced SharePoint

*       SharePoint Event Subscription

*       Solution Packages

*       The Features

Day 14            Web Content Management

*       Existing Templates

*       Content Type & Site Columns

*       Creating new Content Type

*       Using Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer

Day 15            Excel Services

*       Power of Excel Service in MOSS

*       Basic Programming with Excel Services

Day 16            Workflow using SharePoint

*        Workflow Explained

*        Windows Workflow foundation

*        Creating 3 State Workflow using Visual Studio 2005.

Day 17            Workflow using SharePoint

*       Workflow Explained

*       Windows Workflow foundation

*       Creating 3 State Workflow using Office SharePoint designer

Day 18            Infopath Forms Services

*       Introduction

*       Creating and developing infopath forms on SharePoint Server

Day 19            Basic SharePoint Administration

*       Objectives of SharePoint Administration

*       Backup & Restore Applications

*       Basic Administration

Day 20   Forms Authentication on SharePoint V3


The audience for this course is Business Application Administrators (BAAs), Web Administrators and Server Administrators who are engaged in the planning, design, and selection of line-of-business (LOB) applications (including Office SharePoint Server) in conjunction with internal business customers. Their primary responsibility is the deployment, customization, management, and support of LOB applications. They routinely monitor application status and troubleshoot application problems.

Before attending this online training course, students must have:

*       Experience in implementing, managing, and supporting a Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 environment.

*       Basic knowledge of Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 interoperability.

*       At least 2 years of experience implementing, managing, and supporting Microsoft Windows Server 2003.

*       At least 2 years of experience implementing, managing, and supporting Internet Information Services (IIS).

*       Working knowledge of networking. For example TCP/IP and Domain Name System (DNS).

After completing this course, students will be able to:

*       How sharepoint 2007’s architecture aligns with asp.net 2.0.

*       Using asp.net to build web sites using page and site branding develop web parts, list types, content types, and infopath 2007 forms.

*       Create and customize sharepoint workflows extend sharepoint’s 2007 standard portal and search capabilities to customized portal sites.

*        Manage the web content management process leverage and manage excel services and report center.