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BizTalk Server 2010 21
Course Contents

BizTalk Server


Most In-depth Advance Level Trainings on BizTalk Server 2010.

Topics Covered within Course in Detail: BizTalk Server 2010

1)      Introduction on different types of Application Integrations

2)      Types of integration implementation

3)      Business challenges for integration.

4)      BizTalk Server 2010 Architecture

·        Host

·        Host Instances

·        Adapters

·        Pipelines

·        Routing Services

·        Transformations services

·        Delivery services

·        Business Process Services

·        Tracking services

·        Single sign on

·        Business Rule Engine

5)      BizTalk Server 2010 installation and trouble shooting

6)      Configuration of BizTalk Server 2010 with SQL server 2008 and trouble shooting

7)      Features of BizTalk Editor with VS2010

8)      Creating Document Schemas

·        XML Schemas

·        FlatFile Schemas

·        FlatFile Schemas generation wizard.

·        EDI Schemas

·        Property Schemas

·        Implementing Debatching using Envelop Schemas

9)      Creating Transformation documents

·        Document Mapping

·        Debugging Maps  

·        Exploring built in functions for mapping.

·        Developing custom function component.

     10) Designing Orchestrations

·        Features of orchestration designer

·        Designing workflows using orchestration designer

·        Exploring different shapes available

·        Exploring different components of orchestration

·        Applying transformation in orchestration

·        Using .Net library inside Orchestration

·        Exception Handling in Orchestration

·        Developing BizTalk assemblies using Visual studio

·        Configuring BizTalk runtime

·        Working with Co-relation sets

·        Consuming web service inside orchestration

·        Exposing orchestration as web service

·        Exposing orchestration as WCF Service

·        Using info path

·        Implementing Parallel Convoy

·        Implementing Sequential Convoy

·        Debugging orchestration

·        Packaging BizTalk artifacts as a MSI file.

·        Configuring ports at deploy time

     11) Creating pipelines

·        Creating custom pipelines

·        Creating custom pipelines components

    12) Using different Adapters

·        Configuring different adapter’s native adapters

·        Configuring different adapters for WCF service


     13) Business Rule Framework

·        Composing Rules

·        Deploying Rules

·        Importing and Exporting Rules

     14) Administration        

·        Using Web Service Publishing Wizard

·        Using WCF Service Publishing Wizard

·        Working with BizTalk Explorer

·        Using BizTalk Administration Console

     15) Working with Health and Activity tool

·        Debugging BizTalk Orchestration

·        Tracking messages

    16) Working with Business activity monitoring

·        Creating different BAM artifacts

·        Deploying BAM

·        Administration of BAM

     17) Installation of Biztalk on multi server Environment.