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SQL Server Developer 21
Course Contents

A Tour of SQL Server 2005

· SQL Server 2005 Editions, Components, and Tools

· Using SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

· Working with Tables and Queries

· New Transact-SQL Features

· Business Intelligence Services

Installing SQL Server 2005

· Preparing for Installation

· Upgrading an Earlier Version

· Installation Steps

· Configuring the Server

Designing and Creating a Database

· Relational Database Design Principles

· Implementing the Design

Data Selection Queries

· Understanding Transact-SQL

· The SELECT Statement

· The WHERE Clause

· Using ORDER BY to Sort Data

· The GROUP BY Clause

· Joining Tables

Modifying Data

· Modifying Data

· Inserting Data

· Updating Data

·Deleting Data

· Understanding Transaction Isolation

Working with SQL Server Management Studio

· Getting Started with SSMS

· Exploring the Object Explorer

· Working with the Query Editor 

Transact-SQL Programming

· Overview of Transact-SQL

· Using Built-In Functions

· Controlling Flow

· Ranking Results


Transactions and Error Handling

· Transaction Concepts

· Using TRY/CATCH Error Handling

Creating Views, Stored Procedures, Cursors and Triggers

· What Is a View?

· Creating Views

· Creating Stored Procedures

· Creating Cursors

· Creating Triggers

Creating User-Defined Functions

· User-Defined Function Overview

· Scalar Functions

· Inline Table-Valued Functions

· Multi-Statement Table-Valued Functions

· Using Functions, Views, and Stored Procedures

Using .NET Code in SQL Server 2005

· Writing SQLCLR Code

· SQLCLR Code Modules

· Managing Code Modules

· T-SQL vs. .NET Code

Advanced Query Techniques

· Generating XML with FOR XML

· Using APPLY

· Creating Recursive Queries

· Creating Pivot Queries

· Executing Dynamic SQL

Understanding and Implementing Security

· Security Overview

· Authentication

· Authorization

· Permissions


Analyzing and Tuning Performance

· Evaluating Performance

· Monitoring with SQL Server Profiler

· Tuning Queries

· Indexes