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SharePoint Server 2007 Admin 23
Course Contents

SharePoint Server 2007 Administration


This article introduces Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and describes how you can use it to gain better control over your content, streamline your business processes, and share information with others in your organization. The availability of the features described in this article depends on how the Office SharePoint Server 2007 environment is customized in your organization. For example, whether you can create sites and subsites depends on how your organization set up its sites and the permissions to create them.

Course Description

This course is designed to provide users with an introduction to the concepts and practise of SharePoint 2007 Administration. It would benefit anyone who has experience of using SharePoint and is starting out in an administrative role.


Those involved in managing an existing SharePoint environment, including system and Web administrators. Knowledge of SharePoint at the level of Course 538.Experience with a Windows Server environment is helpful.

Before attending this online training course, students must have:

*       A sound working knowledge of Windows Server 2003 and Active Directory topologies.

*       Attendees must have attended the SharePoint 2007 Power User course, or

*       Have experience of using SharePoint to create sites and administer content areas such as Lists and Document Libraries.

After completing this course, students will be able to:

*       Administer, secure and optimize Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007

*       Establish a fault-tolerant and scalable environment

*       Control access to data with authentication methods, privileges and permission levels

*       Manage MOSS 2007 shared services

*       Implement a backup and recovery strategy

*       Effectively monitor and enhance system performance

*       Carry out Central Administration tasks

*       Create a Shared Service provider

*       Manage a Web application

*       Optimise SharePoint 2007 Search features




Topics covered in the class room

Sessions 1                 Understanding SharePoint

*        Introduction to SharePoint  with a case Study

*       Journey of SharePoint from V1 to V3

*       Comparing WSS with MOSS

*       Various Flavours of MOSS

*       Technology Stack for MOSS

*       SharePoint as 3 tier architecture

*       Question/Answers


Sessions 2                 Logical Components of SharePoint   

*       Logical Components in a SharePoint farm

*        Containment Hierarchy

*        Imp terms

*        Database Created in a Farm

*        Demo - Creation of WebApp

*        Demo - Creation of SiteCollection


Sessions 3           Installation of SharePoint


*       Installation - Demo

*        Various Settings done during Demo

*        Types of installation

*        Steps in Configuration Wizard

*        Question/Answers


 Sessions 4          Basic Concepts of SharePoint for an Admin


*       List and Libraries

*        Site Columns

*        Content Types

*        Workflows

*        Events

*        List Template

*        Site Templates

*        Web Parts and their roles

*        Creating Web Part Pages

*        Various Site Templates & their usages

*        Features

*        Solutions

*        STSADM Commands

*        Demo of using these various items

*        Question/Answers

 Sessions 5          SSP Primer for Admins


*       Shared Service Provider Overview

*        SSP within a Farm

*        SSP Components

*        Advantages of SSP

*        Services Provided by SSP

*        Demo - Creation of SSP and configuring SSP services

*        Question/Answers


Sessions 6           Server Farms


*       MOSS Physical Architecture

*        Different Server Roles in a Farm

*        Type of Deployment

*        Single Server Deployment

*        Web Farm Deployment

*        Various Server Topologied

*        Adding a Server to Farm

*        Demo

*        Question/Answers


 Sessions 7          Central Admin - Operations


*       Walk Through Off All the options in Operations

*        Demo

*        Question/Answers


 Sessions 8          Central Admin - Application Management


*       Walk Through Off All the options in Application Mgmt

*        Demo

*        Question/Answers


 Sessions 9          Security Concepts in SharePoint


*       Security Model in SharePoint

*        Various Groups and Permission Levels

*        Authentication Providers

*        Securing SharePoint data and services

*        Security & Permission Strategies

*        Demo of Creating Groups and Providing Access

*        Question/Answers