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Universe Designing Session

Ø      Overview

Ø      Creation of Universe

Ø      Connecting to Databases

Ø      Selecting Tables and columns

Ø      Creation of classes

Ø      Creation of  objects

Ø      Joins

Ø      Exercise

Ø      Restricting Data

Ø      List of Values

Ø      Hierarchies

Ø      Resolving Loops

Ø      Maintenance of Universe

Ø      Fan trap and Chasm trap in Designer

Ø      Row Level and Object Level Security

Ø      Exporting/Importing Universes

Ø  @ functions 


 CMC and Architecture 

Data Warehousing Overview

Business Objects Enterprise Architecture

Ø  Business Objects Enterprise Client Applications

Ø  Business Objects Enterprise Services

Ø  Enterprise Infrastructure




Business Objects Enterprise Services

Ø  Business Objects Enterprise Web Services

Ø  Business Objects Enterprise Management Services

Ø  Business Objects Enterprise Storage Services

Ø  Business Objects Enterprise Processing Services



Ø  Business Objects Enterprise security model

Ø  Access levels for content

Ø  Global and group/user rights

Ø  Right Inheritance

Ø  Calculate effective rights

Ø  Security guidelines



What is Central Configuration Manager?

What can be done in CCM? 


Ø  What is Central Management Console?

Ø  What can be done using Central Management Console?

Users and Groups

Ø  Creating Users

Ø  Managing Users

Ø  Creating User Groups

Ø  Managing User Groups

Folders and Categories

Ø  Creating Folders

Ø  Managing Folders

Ø  Creating Categories

Ø  Managing Categories


Import Wizard


Ø  What is Import Wizard?

Ø  Process to use Import Wizard

Ø  Export a Biar File

Ø  Import a Biar File


Info View Overview 

    Session I

Ø  What is Info View

Ø  Logging onto InfoView

Ø  Info View Home Page

Ø  Setting Preferences


  Session II

Ø  Working with Objects

Ø  Customization of InfoView by CA

Ø  References      



 Web Intelligence and Desktop Intellignce


Ø  Web Intelligence Overview

Ø  Creating a New Webi document

Ø  Restricting data returned by Query

Ø  Report Design (Formatting Reports covered in this Part)


Enhancing Presentation of reports (Creating Formulas and Variables covered in this Part)

 Analyzing Data

CA Standard Templates


Enhancing the Presentation of Reports


Ø  Using Breaks, Calculations and Sorts

Ø  Using Report Filters

Ø  Ranking data

Ø  Creating Formulas and Variables

Ø  Using Alerters

Ø  Sections

Copying data to other Applications


 Analyzing Data

Ø  Scope of Analysis

Ø  Drilling the Reports

Ø  Setting Drill options