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SAP Security 51
Course Contents

The Authorization Concept


· What Are Authorizations?

· Authorization Object, Fields, Profiles

· Naming Convention for Authorization Profiles

· User Master Records

· Authorization Checks

· Activating and Deactivating Authorization Checks in Transactions

· SAP* and DDIC Users


User Administration


· New User Setup

· Maintaining a User

· Resetting a Password

· Locking or Unlocking a User

· User Groups

· Deleting a User’s Session


Profile Generator


· What Is the Profile Generator?

· Copying and Modifying SAP-Provided User Role Templates

· Create your own User Role Templates

· Standard Roles

· Composite and Derived Roles


Advanced Profile Generator Functionality


· Creating and Changing the Hierarchy

· Inserting/Removing Transactions

· Deleting Roles

· Changes to Single Roles

· Changing Composite Roles

· Post maintaining Authorizations

· How and When to Insert Missing Authorizations?

· Inserting Authorizations from Templates

Tips and Troubleshooting Management

· Tracing Authorizations with Transaction SU53

· System Trace Using Transaction ST01

· Analyzing a Written Trace File

· Deactivating Authorization Checks Using SU24

· Reducing the Scope of Authorization Checks

· Maintaining Check Indicators for Transaction Codes

Policies and Procedures

· Policies

· Procedures

· Roles and Responsibilities

· System Security


Frequently Asked Questions


· R/3 Initial Screen (SAP Easy Access Menu) and Favorites

· Profile Generator Setup

· Working with the PG and Profiles

· Authorization Checks (SU24)

· Upgrade Procedure (SU25)

· Including Transactions or Reports

· Missing Authorizations

· User Administration

·  Transporting


SAP GRC Concepts


· What is SAP GRC?

· Governance Risk and Compliance

· Tools within GRC

· Overview of Tools functionality



Sap Security Implementation Best Practices and SOP’s will be discussed as needed.