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Oracle Apps Technical 78
Course Contents

Oracle Apps Technical




 Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms and Reports knowledge required before start this course).


       *       Introduction to ERP

       *       Introduction about Oracle Apps.

       *       Explaining Different Roles in Oracle Apps.

       *       Apps file architecture

       *       Apps Data Base Architecture.

       *       Creation of New Users

       *       Creation new Application

       *       Creation of Responsibilities

       *       Data Group, Request Group

       *       Request Set

       *       Menus

       *       Introduction to Key and Descriptive FIEXFIEDS

       *       Differences between DFF and KFF.

       *       Enabling a DFF

       *       Develop new form with DFF features.

       *       Value Sets

       *       Multi Organization

       *       Profile options

       *       Table Registration using Ad-dd package

       *       WHO columns.

       *       Custom Form Development using Standard Template.

       *       From Registration Steps

       *       Form Functions

       *       CUSTOM.PLL

       *       Developing and Registering Custom Report with Parameters

       *       How to use user exits in Reports.

       *       Explaining about SQL*Loader.

       *       Explaining Different phases of interface/Conversion development.

       *       Explaining about Outbound interface.

       *       Explaining different types of Concurrent Programs (PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, HOST).

       *       Real time Examples for standard Report Customization.

       *       Real time Example for new report development.

       *       Real time Example for Inbound Interface/Conversion Development.

       *       Real time Example for outbound Interface Development.

       *       How to write PL/SQL Code using Oracle Standard API’s (Inbound).

       *       How to Call Concurrent Programs from PL/SQL.

       *       Explaining one of functional flow. It will be either P2P/O2C.

       *       AIM Methodology(MD050,MD070,MD120)

       *       Giving Overview about Forms Personalization, XML Publisher, Discoverer, Work flow Alerts.

       *       Providing Exercises every day to understand the concept very well.

       *       Providing Oracle Apps Technical FAQ's.