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OBI-Publisher 78
Course Contents

Oracle BI Publisher

What you will learn:

The course begins with an introduction to fundamental concepts of Classic reporting and the issues associated with that. Describes the architecture of Oracle BI Publisher. Provides step-by-step instructions for creating Reports from simple template to advanced templates using RTF.  Evinces the List of Values and Parameters for the reports. Understand the options of Administration in BI Publisher. Learn to use translation for reports. Understand how-to schedule the reports and use the analyzer tools. Describes the usage on BI Publisher in Oracle Applications and to convert Oracle Reports to BI Publisher Reports.  Create Reports from Oracle BI Server and Answers Request.

Course Topics:

1)     Introduction


Understanding XML

Classic Reporting Tools Issues

Advantages of Oracle BI Publisher



2)     Oracle BI Publisher Architecture


Components of Oracle BI Publisher

Architecture of Oracle BI Publisher


3)     Introduction to the Standards


XML Standards Objectives

Components of XML Documents

Well-Formed XML Documents

Creating an XML Document

Editing XML

Understanding XML Namespaces

Document Type Definition

Understanding the XML Schema 



4)     Getting Started with BI Publisher


Creating a simple report on Oracle Database

Defining the Data model

Using the Query Builder

Viewing Data in XML Format and with existing Template


5)     Creating simple RTF Templates


Using the Basic Method

Editing an RTF Template

Understanding BI Publisher Template Viewer

Viewing the Report

Using the Form Field Method

Creating a Template Using the Form Field Method

Previewing the Report

Associating XML Data


6)      Advanced RTF Templates Techniques


Designing Template Layouts

Image, Charts, and Graphics

Data-driven Shape Support

Template Features

Conditional Formatting

Page-level Calculations

Data Handling, Variables, Parameters, and Properties


7)      Create Parameter, List of Values and Hyperlinks


Creating Reports with Parameters and List of Values

Creating Reports with Hyperlinks

Cascading parameters


8)     Oracle BI Publisher – Administration


Setting up Data Source Connection

Users and Roles

Server Configuration

Integration with BI Products



9)     Scheduling Reports and Analyzing Data


Scheduling BI Publisher Reports

Configuring BI Publisher Scheduler

Using Online Analyzer

Excel Analyzer


10)  Translating Reports


Localized Template Files

Working with XLIFF and Generating XLIFF Files


11)  How BI Publisher used in Oracle Ebiz suite


How Concurrent Process talk with BI Publisher

How to convert Oracle Reports to BI Publisher Reports


12)  Integration with Oracle BI Enterprise Edition


Publishing a Report from the Answer Request

Creating Answers Request

Creating a Report

Publishing a Report from BI Server