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Oracle Applications Release 11i 82
Course Contents


Oracle Applications 11i Install Patch and Maintain Applications



Program Objective


This training program provides participants with a basic understanding of the architecture, database and file system used in Oracle Applications Release 11i. Participants learn about the multi-tier architecture used to provide user access over the Internet or an intranet and the relationship between Oracle Applications and the Oracle database. The training program covers the structure of the file system used to store the Oracle Applications product files, environment files, and additional files required to support multiple languages in Release 11i.


Program Benefits


Participants also learn how to use Rapid Install to perform both single and multi-node installations of Oracle Applications, AD Administration and other AD utilities to maintain Oracle Applications, Auto Patch to automate the application of Oracle Applications patches, and Rapid Clone to clone an Oracle Applications system.


Training program Contents

11i Oracle Applications Install

·         Overview of Oracle Applications

·         Single-node Installation

·         Multi-node Installation

11i Oracle E-Business Suite Architecture

·         Oracle Applications Environment

·         Oracle Applications File System

·         Oracle Applications Database

·         Advanced Configuration Options

11i Use Oracle Applications Utilities

·         AD Administration

·         Special Utilities

·         AutoConfig

·         License Manager

·         Reporting Utilities

·         Configuration Utilities

11i Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications

·         Patch Wizard

·         AutoPatch

11i Oracle Applications Advanced Topics

·         Cloning Oracle Applications