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WPF 86
Course Contents

WPF and Windows Programming Course Content (30 hours)

1.    Classic Controls, Windows Controls

a.    The Control Class

b.    Content, Text, List and Range-Based Controls

c.    The Window Class

d.   Window Interaction

2.    Introducing WPF and XAML

a.    Understanding Windows Graphics

b.    WPF: A Higher-Level API

c.    The Architecture of WPF

d.   Understanding XAML

e.    XAML Basics

f.     Properties and Events in XAML

g.   Loading and Compiling XAML

3.    The Application, Layout and Content

a.    The Application Life Cycle

b.    Application Tasks

c.    Understanding Layout in WPF

d.   Simple Layout with the StackPanel

e.    The WrapPanel and DockPanel

f.     The Grid

g.   Coordinate-Based Layout with the Canvas

h.   Understanding Content Controls

i.     Specialized Containers

4.    Dependency Properties and Routed Events

a.    Understanding Dependency Properties

b.    Understanding Routed Events

c.    WPF Events

5.    Pages and Navigation

a.    Understanding Page-Based Navigation

b.    Page-Based Interfaces

c.    The Page History

d.   The Navigation Service

e.    XAML Browser Applications

6.    Commands and Resources

a.    The WPF Command Model

b.    Executing Commands

c.    Advanced Commands

d.   Assembly Resources

e.    Localization

f.     Object Resources

7.    Styles, Shapes, Transforms, and Brushes

a.    Style Basics

b.    Triggers

c.    Understanding Shapes

d.   Transforms

e.    Better Brushes

f.     Bitmap Effects

8.    Geometries, Drawings, and Visuals

a.    Paths and Geometries

b.    Drawings

c.    Visuals

9.    Data Binding, Data Templates, Data Views, and Data Providers

a.    Data Binding Basics

b.    Binding to a Database with Custom Objects

c.    Binding to a Collection of Objects

d.   Validation

e.    Data Templates

f.     Data Views

g.   Data Providers

10. Data Bound Controls - Lists, Trees, Toolbars, and Menus

a.    The ItemsControl Class

b.    ListView

c.    TreeView

d.   Menus

e.    Toolbars and Status Bars

11. Animation

a.    Understanding WPF Animation

b.    Basic Animation

c.    Declarative Animation and Storyboards

d.   Animation Types Revisited

12. Sound and Video

a.    Playing WAV Audio

b.    The MediaPlayer

c.    The MediaElement

d.   Speech

13. 3-D Drawing

a.    3-D Drawing Basics

b.    Deeper into 3-D

c.    Interactivity and Animations

14. Interacting with Windows Forms

a.    Assessing Interoperability

b.    Mixing Windows and Forms

c.       Creating Windows with Mixed Content