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Sharepoint server 2010 95
Course Contents

Content for SharePoint 2010 Training

1                       Getting Started with SharePoint 2010 

a.       What is SharePoint?

b.      Capabilities & Features

2                       Visual Studio 2010 Tools for SharePoint 2010

a.       SharePoint Tools Project Structure

3                       Installing SharePoint Servers

a.       Single Box installation

b.      Farm Installation

4                       Windows SharePoint Service

a.       What is WSS

b.      Versions of WSS

5                       Microsoft Office SharePoint Server

a.       What is MOSS

b.      Versions of MOSS

6                       SharePoint 2010 Roadmap

a.       Various versions of SharePoint 2010

b.      What is new in SharePoint 2010

c.       Developer Tools

7                       SharePoint 2010 UI Enhancements

a.       SharePoint Fluent User Interface

b.      Site as collections of pages

c.       Managing Data with SharePoint 2010

8                       Creation of SharePoint Applications

a.       Create SharePoint Application

b.      Relation between SharePoint Application & SharePoint Sites

9                       Services Architecture in MOSS

a.       Architectural and Logical overview

b.      Creating Custom Service Applications

10                    SharePoint Site Collection and Sites

a.       What is Site Collection

b.      Creating Sites

c.       Creating Sub-Sites

11                    SharePoint Templates

a.       What are SharePoint Templates

b.      Different available Templates for ready to use

12                    Team Site Template

a.       More in depth understanding about Team Site Template

13                    WebParts

a.       What is WebPart

b.      WebPart Zones

c.       Using available WebParts in SharePoint 2010

14                    SharePoint List & Schemas

a.       What is List

b.      New & Improved Events

c.       Large List Support

d.      Field & List item Validation

15                    Document Libraries

a.       What are Document Libraries

b.      Creating & Managing Document Libraries

16                    Events & Alerts

a.       Creation of Events & Alerts

17                    Customization using Microsoft Office SharePoint designer

a.       Creation of Master Pages

b.      Creation of Custom Pages

c.       Customization of existing pages

18                    Custom WebParts

a.       Crate custom WebParts

b.      Deploying WebParts

c.       Different ways of deploying WebParts

19                    Client Object Model In SharePoint 2010

a.       Overview of Client Object model

20                    Enterprise Content Management

a.       ECM & Meta Data

b.      Routing & document sets

c.       Records MGMT

21                    WorkFlows

a.       What are WorkFlows

b.      Creating custom WorkFlows

22                    Excel Services

a.       Advatage of Excel in MOSS

b.      Programming with Excel

23                    InfoPath Forms

a.       Purpose of InfoPath

b.      Creating Rich UI Forms

c.       Using InfoPath forms in SharePoint

24                    Extending Search

a.       Enhancing Search User Interface

b.      Creating Custom Ranking Models

25                    LINQ to SharePoint

a.       Accessing SharePoint List Data

26                    Accessing External Data -

a.       Business Connectivity Services

b.      Creating BCS Applications

27                    Performance Point Services

a.       Business Intelligence

b.      Excel Services

28                    SharePoint 2010 Security

a.       Introduction to SharePoint Security

29                    SharePoint Administration

a.       Purpose of SharePoint Administration

b.      Features in Operations