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Course Contents

1. Introducing the Android Computing Platform
1. History of Android
2. Delving into the Dalik VM
3. Comparing the Android and Java ME
4. Understanding the Android Software Stack
5. Developing an End-User Application with the Android SDK
1. The Android Emulator
2. The Android UI
3. The Android Foundational Components
4. Advanced UI Concepts
5. Android Service Components
6. Android Media and Telephony Components
7. Android Java Packages
1. Taking Advantage of Android Source code
1. Getting Your Feet Wet
1. Setting Up Your Environment
1. Downloading JDK 6 and Eclipse 3.4
2. Downloading the Android SDK
3. Installing Android Development tools(ADT)
1. Learning the Fundamental Components
1. View
2. Activity
3. Intent
4. Content Provider
5. Service
6. AndroidManifest.xml
7. Examining the Application Lifecycle
1. Using Resources, Content Providers and Intents
1. Understanding Resources
1. String Resources
1. Layout Resources
2. Working with Raw Resources
3. Working with Assets
4. Reviewing the Resources Directory Structure
1. Understanding Intents
1. Available Intents in Android
2. Intents and data URIs
3. Generic Actions
1. Understanding the Content Providers
1. Building User Interfaces and Using Controls
1. UI Development in Android
2. Understanding Android’s Common Controls
1. Text Controls
2. Button Controls
3. List Controls
4. Grid Controls
5. Date and Time Controls
1. Other Interesting Controls in Android
1. The Map View Control
2. The Gallery Control
1. Understanding layout Managers
1. The Linear Layout Layout Manager
2. The Table Layout Layout Manager
3. The Relative Layout Layout Manager
4. The Absolute Layout Layout Manager
5. The Frame Layout Layout Manager
1. Understanding Adapters
1. Getting to know Simple Cursor Adapter
2. Getting to know Array Adapter
3. Creating Custom Adapters
1. Working With Menus and Dialogs
1. Understanding Android Menus
1. Creating a Menu
2. Responding to Menu Items
1. Working with Other Menu Types
1. Expanded  Menus
2. Working with Icon Menus
3. Working with Submenus
4. Working with Menus in Response to Changing Data
1. Loading Menus Through XML Files
1. Using Dialogs in Android
1. Designing an Alter Dialog
2. Designing a prompt Dialog
3. Nature of Dialogs in Android
1. Working with Manage Dialogs
1. Understanding the Managed-Dialog Protocol
2. Recasting the Non managed  Dialog as a Managed Dialog
3. Simplifying the Managed-Dialog Protocol
1. Unveiling 2D Animation
1. Frame-By-Frame Animation
1. Planning for Frame –by-Frame Animation
2. Creating the Activity
3. Adding Animation to the Activity
1. Layout Animation
1. Basic Tweening Animation Types
2. Planning the Layout –Animation Test Harness
3. Creating the Activity and the List View
4. Animating the List View
5. Using interpolators
1. View Animation
1. Understanding View Animation
2. Adding Animation
1. Exploring Security and Location-Based Services
1. Understanding the Android Security Mode
2. Working with location-Based Services
1. Understanding the mapping Package
2. Understanding the Location Package
1. Building and Consuming Services
1. Consuming HTTP Services
1. Using the Http Client for HTTP GET Requests
2. Using the Http Client for HTTP POST Requests
1. Doing Inter process Communication